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*Sunday 11/26/23, 1pm:  "The Thompson Family Farm of Verona."  At the Verona Senior Center, 108 Paoli St, Verona, WI. 

For the majority of the 1900s, generations of the Thompson Family ran farms on the west side of Verona.  If you have seen a show or taken a swim at our new high school campus, you've been on Thompson land!  The barns, silos, and farmhouses may be gone, but the memories remain of this farm family and the countless others whose work ethic and civic contributions cultivated Verona's community since our beginning.

Our guests this month will be Dale and Julie Thompson, who will share with us stories, photos, and artifacts from their family's history.  Their story wonderfully illustrates rural life in Verona for much of the last century.  The items they will show also comprise the largest and most well documented collection of farm-related artifacts that our historical society has in our archives, and will help future generations better appreciate how farms grew Verona.

(Painting of the Nine Mound Road Thompson Farm by John Scharer)



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