If you have photos relevant to Verona's identity or history, please let us know so we can scan them into our archives.  Thank you!

Above Image:  Postcard.  Verona's first dedicated high school building, South Marietta Street.  Image VAHS0082.

Above image:  Looking south from the intersection of Main Street and Verona Avenue, sometime between 1899 and 1909.  Today Toot and Kate's Wine Bar would be on the left side, next to the foreground horses.  The only landmark still present today is the steeple of the Baptist Lutheran Church, which you can see peeking up behind the trees just below and to the right of the tall power post.  Postcard.

Above Image:  1917 photo in front of Saint James Lutheran Church.  The was during a celebration for Pastor Nitardy's 25 wedding anniversary.  Image VAHS0083.

Above Image:  300 South Main Street, early 1900s.  Alice Good Coffee is in this building today.  It was known as "The Verona House", as shown on the sign to the left and on 1800s plat maps.  Many Verona residents will remember it as "The Town Pump" through much of the 1900s, and Tuvalu in the 2000s.  To the right is the steeple of the former church on Church Street.  Postcard.  Image VAHS0140.

Above Image:  Looking north up South Main Street, from the steeple of Saint James Lutheran Church.  Circa 1911.  Several of these houses and landmarks are still present.  On the upper left behind the dark barn is the building on Railroad Street that houses Cahoots today.  Postcard.  Image VAHS0195.

Above Image:  Looking north up South Main Street, approximately from in front of where Hometown Pharmacy is today.  The horses on foreground left are parked at the original Miller's building (previously called "Stewart and Millers").  the horse in the middle of the photo further down the street is parked where Park Bank is today.  Behind that horse can be seen the entry stairs to the Bank of Verona, which stood where Walgreens parking lot is today.  The horses on the right side of the street are parked at the Eagles Nest, a longtime Verona establishment demolished in 1970.  Postcard.