Family Histories

Every family has a story!  Below are some assembled family histories from the Verona Area, made available here in hopes they will be found by future generations of family genealogists.

If your family has Verona ties and has assembled a written history, let us know if you'd like it preserved and presented in our archives.

*Batker, George:  A profile of Verona blacksmith George Batker, done by one of his descendants Jeff Batker as a school project.

*Batker, Walter:  An autobiography written by Walter Batker, who was born in Verona in 1899 and grew up on a farm near Highway M and PB.  This piece is a fascinating look at early 1900s life in Verona;  the difficulties of farm life, local events and transportation, and also a brief mention of the leper colony.

*Jenni Family:  Melchior Jenni was born in 1897 in Switzerland and came to the Monticello area in the early 1900s, eventually settling on Fritz Road and then Spring Rose Road in Verona.

*Marty Family:  Compiled by Bonita (Bonnie) Tierney.  If you've ever lived on Madison's west side, you're probably familiar with the Marty farm near Raymond Road!  In 2010, Bonnie traced their roots back to the late 1800s and put together this wonderful family history.

*Rothlisberger Genealogy, 1985: The Rothlisberger family in Verona dates back to the early 1900s, and goes back even further in surrounding states and overseas.  In 1985, Rothlisberger descendant Dale E. Thompson traced the family history back many centuries in Switzerland.  It is presented here with Dale's permission in the hopes it might be found by future Rothlisberger descendants.