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NOTE:  Some of these recordings will play in your browser, but some of the larger ones make you download the file first.

Verona Resident 1970s and 80s Interviews

In 1972, many older Verona Residents were interviewed on cassette tape about their early memories here (some dating back to the late 1800's).  This was done to provide material for a play that was to be produced about Verona in honor of our 125th anniversary.  
We have recently digitized these interviews.  They provide a very personal look back Verona's past.

We have also found cassettes with interviews and events from the late 70s and early 80s.
  • Norman Fischl - Date Unknown, possibly late 1970's.
  • R. Herbison, interviewed by Susan Bleimehl - August 1, 1983
  • Elmer Gordon, interviewed by Beverly Himsel - April 9, 1972
  • Clara Govier - 1977
  • Herman Grabandt
  • Mrs. Herman "Lottie" Grabandt, interviewed by Marion R. B. Sweet (Mrs. Elliott H. Sweet) - March 21, 1972
  • Lottie Grabandt
  • Mrs. G.F. "Dora" Gust, interviewed by Molly Freitag - March 23, 1972
  • Mrs. William "Paula" Hefty - interviewed by Marion R. B. Sweet (Mrs. Elliot H. Sweet) - March 24, 1972
  • Joseph Henderson, interviewed by Marlene Freitag - March 23, 1972
  • Orville Himsel, interviewed by Mrs. Eldon Himsel - April 3, 1972
  • Ralph Jacobs - History of the Verona Library
  • Mrs. V.I. Lillesand, interviewed by J B. Burke - March 28, 1972
  • Bill Matts - March 28, 1972
  • Anita Meyer, interviewed by D. meyer - March 21, 1972
  • Mr. Alex Miller Sr., interviewed by Marlene Freitag - March 27, 1972
  • Keith Miller's Roast - April 1980
  • James Sharer and Clara Sharer, interviewed by John Scharer - March 23, 1972
  • Governor Martin Schreiber
  • Charles Stampfl - recounting of an interview with him by Mrs. Steve Slattery - May 31, 1972
  • Mrs. Edna Stewart, interviewed by Barb Sweet - March 23, 1972
  • Verona Varieties, "Oh What a Night" April 21 and 23, 1977 - Tape 1
  • Verona Varieties, "Oh What a Night April 21 and 23, 1977 - Tape 2
  • Mrs. H.P. "Calla" Weiland, interviewed by Alice Retrum - March 22, 1972
  • Margaret Wilson
  • Mrs. Olga Winkelman, interviewed by Molly Freitag - March 23, 1972
  • Olga Windelman - take 2
  • Rudy Wuthrich, interviewed by Betty Zurbuchen - April 4th, 1972.
  • Ernest R. Zingg - March 22, 1972

Verona Veterans and Longtime Residents

We have more recently begun interviewing Verona veterans and longtime residents.

William E. Kunstman - Interviewed 7/7/2016.  Mr. Kunstman was an army tech sergeant in WWII from 1941-1946 serving in the 100th infantry division.

Warren Webster - Interviewed 7/21/2016. Mr. Webster was born in Reedsburg, WI in April of 1915 and was 101 years old during this interview.  He was a pilot in WWII, serving in the 406 Fighter Group and its 514 squadron.  He moved to Canada in 1940 to join the Royal Canadian Air Force, where he became a flight instructor.  He came back to the United States in 1944 and served in the Air Force in 1944/45 in Europe flying P47 Fighter Bombers.  His service included being part of American forces pushing back Germans at the battle of the bulge.  He moved to Verona, WI around 2006.

Viola House - Interviewed 10/28/16.  Mrs. House has lived in Verona since the 1950s.  She reflects on some of the Verona landmarks and traditions she recalls, her two decades working in the Verona Schools' cafeteria, and a few thoughts on how the city has changed in the last half century.

Bill Rettenmund - Interviewed 5/13/17.  Bill has lived in Verona since the 1990's, having grew up in Black Earth, WI.  He was drafted into the army in May of 1965 and trained as a helicopter mechanic and crew chief.  Bill landed in Vietnam in February of 1966 as part of  the 162nd Assault Helicopter Company "The Vultures", which belonged to the 11th Aviation Company.  Through January of 1967 he flew air assault and transport missions on a D-model Huey helicopter from a base camp in Phouc Vinh.

Bill discusses surviving two helicopter crashes in 1966, the first being caused by contact with a pole and the second from hitting a berm on takeoff.  On June 13, 1966 Bill was injured by shrapnel during a mortar attack and received a purple heart.

Richard "Dick" Doerfer - Interviewed 8/2/17.  Dick was well known to many Verona residents in many capacities:  First, for his large family farm located just East of Verona on Whalen Road.  Second, for the various civic hats he wore throughout his life including president of the Verona School Board and also town treasurer.  Dick recalls farming throughout the years and other facets of Verona life from decades gone past.