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*Saturday 3/9/19, 10am:  "Verona's First High School Hockey Team", with guest Mary Feldt.  The Verona Senior Center.

Our topic for March will be a look at the origin of Verona High School hockey.  Looking at their impressive record of nine conference and seven sectional championships, along with a state title from 2014, it's amazing to think that hockey at the high school level in Verona all started with one sophomore in the 1980s asking his mom and dad why Verona didn't have a team...

Our guest will be Mary Feldt, who along with her husband Gary played an instrumental role in organizing, managing, and coaching Verona's first high school hockey teams in the 1980s.  After initially receiving resistance from the school against adding another official sport, they brought it to the school board where after debate it passed by one vote.  Mary and Gary then took it on themselves to get the team going and find other volunteers to help - and kids who wanted to play! They discovered a level of interest in hockey in Verona which started with an original crew of eleven kids that first year, but quickly grew to encompass separate varsity and junior varsity teams in just a few short years.  The bonds that the Feldts have formed with those early players can be witnessed at Verona High School hockey games even today - as Mary cheers on many of those players' children - who now also play for Verona High!

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