Aerial Photos:
Verona Cemeteries:

Local Research:
  • Assessor Data - Find out when a currently-existing home or business was built.  It's a little hard to get it to find an address, but stick with it and it will eventually lead you to downloading a PDF file for an address.  This PDF has the date the property was built.
  • Dane County Land Information Office "DCI Maps" - Maps out specific parcels in Dane County with various overlays.
  • White pages section of - One of the last actually-free places to look up someone's phone number.  I use this constantly for finding interview contacts for historical topics in Verona.
  • - Allows you to view and purchase many old plat maps of this area.
  • ArcGIS Lidar Maps of Wisconsin - Surface detail maps created using "Lidar", which is a laser that penetrates vegetation.  Useful for looking for evidence of roads and foundations now covered by plants.
Various Resources: