Books about Verona History

   Lifelong Verona resident John Scharer records memories and stories from "The Eagles Nest" hotel / restaurant / bar which existed in Verona's main intersection from 1848-1970. His family owned and operated the nest from 1936 to 1966.
    Journalist Judy Oppert wrote of the Eagle's nest "...tales about this building will linger for a long time.  It was once a doctor's home, stage relay station, saloon, hotel, home of a lady of poor character, 'speak easy', front for Chicago gangsters, and popular college hangout".
    This PDF file includes four extra chapters not found in the printed version.  It is made available here with permission from John Scharer.

    Verona citizen and history enthusiast Ed Faber presents the results of his research into Verona's 106 Civil War veterans.  This book contains both rosters and short summaries of events in the lives of these soldiers.  It is made available here with permission from Ed Faber's son.

     Written on the Centennial anniversary of St. James Lutheran Church in Verona, WI.  An inclusive and detailed look back at the church's first hundred years, drawn from multiple sources including old church minutes in German.