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*Saturday 4/13/19, 10am:  "The Maple Drive Dairy", with guests Lorlene Pulver and Lynn Elver.  The Verona Senior Center.

On the corner of Nine Mound Road and Aspen Avenue sits a little farm house that today is enveloped by a typical Verona neighborhood.  One might not realize that just a generation ago that house, now surrounded closely by neighboring homes, stood alone on that spot surrounded by nothing but farm fields, trees, and a few farm buildings.  This was the farm house of the "Maple Drive Dairy"!

Our guests will be Lorlene (Kahl) Pulver and Lynn (Kahl) Elver, who both grew up in that house and helped with the operations of their father Vernon's farm and dairy, bottling milk as children.  The farm was originally bought by their grandfather Chris Kahl around 1900 and was renamed to the "Maple Drive Dairy" by Vernon in the 1940s.  Cows were milked, and that milk was delivered by truck to homes in Verona.  Lorlene and Lynn will talk about their experiences growing up on the farm, and what the milk business meant for their family and Verona.
Image Credits:  Google Maps (2018) and Wisconsin Historic Aerial Imagery Finder (1937).

*Saturday 5/18/19, 10am:  Volunteer Work Day - Davidson House yard cleanup.  At the Davidson House at the end of Oak Grove Road in Verona.
Verona's historic Davidson House has sat on the banks of the Sugar River for over 150 years.  The home is believe to have been built by early Verona settler Patrick Davidson around the 1850s.  Mr. Davidson brought Verona its first horse drawn threshing machine, as well as a love for performing Scottish music with neighboring farmers at early com
munity gatherings.  The house and surrounding property was acquired by Dane County Parks in 2018, and the Verona Area Historical Society is a partner in helping take care of this unique house, it being one of the last of its kind in Verona.

Please join us on 5/18 at 10am to help cut back weeds, rake leaves, and do other general yard maintenance tasks.  Please bring work gloves and any general yard work / gardening tools you have handy.  Long sleeves and pants are recommended, along with outdoor shoes.  If you don't feel like getting dirty, feel free to drop by just to see the house up close and ask questions.
Parking is available on site.  The house is located at the end of a long driveway officially known on some maps as "Oak Grove Road", which comes off of highway 69 heading South out of Verona.  This road is immediately south of Riverside drive and north of Locust Drive, on the west side of highway 69.

Map Credit:  Google Maps (2019).

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