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*Saturday 1/12/19, 10am:  "Lost in the Grass - the Hobby of Metal Detecting", with guests from the Four Lakes Metal Detecting Club.  The Verona Senior Center.

Think of all the little items we carry around each day.  Keys, coins, buttons, jewelry, maybe a class ring or a medallion.  They might not feel like artifacts, but each of these little personal items gives a hint about who we are and what life is like today.  The same was true for past generations.  And even with the most cherished items, one thing is as true for us as it was for people a century ago:  We drop stuff!  

Our topic this month is a fun hands-on way to learn about our surroundings - and sometimes also a bit of local history - by looking just under the grass.  The Four Lakes Metal Detecting Club (FLMDC) was formed in 1982 as the hobby increased in popularity with the advent of smaller, more portable equipment in the 70s and 80s.  Several of their members will join us to talk about their passion for this hobby, their most interesting finds, and other aspects of detecting that might surprise you.

For example, FLMDC members worked with the Wisconsin DNR in an effort to locate and recover two military cannons lost during the Blackhawk War.  They also assisted State Archaeologists in searching for artifacts at the “Battle of Wisconsin Heights” skirmish site.  Various law enforcement agencies have at times enlisted their help in looking for evidence of crimes and accidents, and in one case they were asked to comb over a prison courtyard looking for buried weapons (in which case one FLMDC member told me "it lit up like a Christmas Tree!")

Our guests will also show off some of their favorite finds.  While they most often find more modern objects like pull tabs, trash, coins, sometimes dropped jewelry and the occasional class ring - they have also come across older objects of interest such as early American coinage, square nails, a copper spear tip, and even a cannonball and a Civil War "GAR" pin (given to Civil War veterans after the war's end).  It is sure to be a meeting that will engage your imagination!

*Saturday 2/9/19, 10am:  "Meet Curtis Jones", with guests Will Schmid and Philip Roethlisberger.  The Verona Senior Center.

The topic of our meeting this month will be Curtis Jones, a Verona native whose contributions to Verona are still felt by generations of our school children - even over fifty years after his passing.  Anyone around Verona in the 1950s will remember him well. But his name will also sound familiar to those who have played in or attended a home Wildcat football game - on Curtis Jones field!

We will learn about Curtis from two of his friends - Verona class of 1950 classmates Will Schmid and Philip Roethlisberger.  Together they will introduce us to Curtis as a young man - valedictorian, athlete, friend, and son of longtime Verona High School principal A.C. Jones.  We will also learn about how as an adult he championed a cause for future generations of Verona students that caused great controversy and in the end was won by his perseverance.  It will be an inspiring hometown story worth remembering!

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