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*Saturday 11/10/18, 10am:  "Saving the Old House; a 'Moving' Story", with guest Mike Hankard.  The Verona Senior Center.
You've probably noticed the cute "foursquare" style house happily sitting on the corner of East Verona Avenue and Jefferson Street, currently home to "Fiscal Fitness", "Branded Image", and "Hankard Environmental".  Newer residents might assume it's been there quite some time, given this style of home was most popular from 1890 to the 1930s.

But to older residents who have lived on Shuman Street it might look a little...familiar.  You might not otherwise realize, but it has had two lives!  Our guest this November will be Mike Hankard, who saved this house from demolition back in 2003 by doing what could be considered the ultimate "home project".

Mike will describe how he was bitten by the "house moving bug" back in Boulder, Colorado.  After being inspired by seeing other old houses moved, he decided to take a swing at it.  His first project was a late 1800s brick house that needed a new foundation (and everything else for that matter, as Mike puts it).  The project was a success that motivated him to try again when he moved to Verona in 2003 and just so happened to notice a house was about to be demolished on Shuman Street.

The following months saw Mike leading a massive project that included designing a foundation at the new location, working with city approvals, doing the actual moving, painting, repairing, and addressing countless aspects of saving this old house.  It will be an inspiring talk about the value of keeping and reinvigorating "old" things in creative new ways.

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